Comac CS700/800 sweeping machines are suitable for cleaning commercial surfaces up to 10,000 sq.m.

CS700/800 B-H are ride-on sweeping machines with automatic traction, powered by battery or gasoline motor, with a 70 or 80 cm working width (central brush). With its two side brushes, the biggest model of the range covers a working width of 112 cm.

Their debris hopper is available either with manual emptying (CS700 B-H) or with automatic lifting and dumping (CS800 B-H).

The versions with internal combustion engine (CS700/800 H) are equipped with a complete hydraulic system and have no electronic cards. This means increased reliability when working in particularly dirty conditions.

The CS50 sweeping machine by Comac is suitable for the cleaning of small indoor areas or highly cluttered medium-to-large spaces. It is ideal for the cleaning of surfaces up to about 1,200 sq. m.

The CS50 sweeping machine can be battery- or petrol-powered and has a 65 cm working width (including the side brush). CS50 is a small walk-behind, extremely manoeuvrable, compact sweeping machine.

The handle bar grip, made of comfortable plastic material, makes operation of control levers extremely easy. When the surface to work on is wet or damp, the suction switch-off lever should be operated. Cleaning corners and along the walls is made easier thanks to the side brush.

The panel filter, with its large filtering surface, retains dust particles very effectively. (Now the “washable”, reusable version is also available). The front and side flaps play an important role in avoiding raising dust during operation.