Specialist Machines

“DRUM SYSTEM” is the best way to collect large quantities of water and mud especially those created during floor grinding procedures. When the drum is full the “Kit-Drum” could be connected to an other drum.

*The CPL version includes:

  • Drum, Trolley, Head motor
  • Art 07435K flexible hose mt 5 diam 50 resistant to the abrasion complete of connection
  • Art R7243K double elbow
  • Art R7246 brush with rubber
  • Art R7865 brush with strip
  • Art R7242 horsehair bristle brush
  • Art 07177 flat lance cm 30 . Chromed steel
  • Art 07067 elbow shaped flat lance . Chromed steel
  • Art 06866 flat lance cm 60. Chromed steel
  • Art R7260 flat rubber lance. Complete
  • Art R7259 round rubber brush. Complete
  • Art 02064D Chips separator bucket for DRUM
  • Art 07781D Oil repellent filter 600
  • Art K7898D tape to empty oil

Professional floor grinder complete of Planetary K1200. Patented Mono-rotating planetary.

LEVIGHETOR 645 is the most versatile version of Levighetor series. Thanks to its Planetary Head K1200 and to 5.5 “/ 140mm tools, productivity increases. Levighetor 645 is the grinding and polishing machine for small to medium sized areas, ideal for apartments and civil applications. Perfect for all types of floor and processing such us: grinding and polishing of marble, granite, gres, terrazzo, concrete and industrial floors, the preparation of floors and surfaces, the removal of resins and glues and other type of treatments. Thanks to the klindex’ patented 360° directional wheels that allow to move the machine in any direction, the Levighetor 645 can work in both large and narrow areas like bathrooms and kitchens. With its powerful 4HP motor, the Levighetor 645 is the only mono-phase machine in the world that can work with additional weights for a total of up to 160kg (350lbs)

* The TOP version includes: Planetary Head K1200, tank, pad holder , brush , directional wheels and standard wheels.


* Production numbers may vary according to surface conditions, diamonds used, equipment operator, etc.

Superconcrete 7 step 60-90 6-9
Concrete Grind 1 step 300-500 30-50
Terrazzo Grind 5 step 60-90 6-9
Glue Removal 1 step 180-350 18-35
Paint Removal 1 step 180-350 18-35
Marble Polishing 5 step 60-90 6-9
Granite Polishing 7 step 30-50 3-5

Orbital machine. Clean and polish where rotary cleaners cannot work

Minipower is a little machine with a big performance! With its “square” brush it can clean and polish even where the rotary cleaning machines cannot. It’s the ideal solution for stairs, corners, small bathrooms, kitchens and narrow areas.

*Complete With: tank, long handle, short handle, lateral grip, holding plate 25x12, black white and green cleaning pads 25x12.

Grinding and polishing machine for walls and vertical surfaces with built-in vacuum system.

VERTIKA is another Klindex exclusive. It is the only machine in the world that cleans and polishes vertical surfaces!!! It is also ideal for walls, columns, stairs, bathrooms, kitchens, counter tops etc. It has a variable speed from 0-1000 RPM and it can work both wet and dry. Thanks to its incorporated vacuum system there is no dust or splashing.

*Complete With: Tank, Vacuum System, 5 mt pipe, Kit pad holder, handle.

Escalator and travelator cleaner that gives a powerful cleaning and vacuuming performance.

  • Automatic brush height adjustment for uniform performance
  • Powerful vacuum dust pick-up quick-change disposable bags
  • The X46 is portable for multi-escalator sites
  • Very easy to use and minimal training required for increased efficiency
  • Powered rotating brushes for fast, effective cleaning
  • Choice of brushes to suit cleaning requirements
  • Brush change is quick and easy on the X46 escalator cleaner