High Pressure Washers Hot


  • 4 poles electrical motor (1450 RPM) with thermal protection and water cooling.
  • Three full ceramic pistons, brass linear pump head with built-in by-pass valve.
  • Integrated elastic joint for best pump coupling.
  • Low voltage and delayed Total Stop.
  • Suction and delivery S/S valves.
  • Vertical burner with high thermal ef´Čüciency steel coil.
  • Temperature regulation gauge with high sensitive stainless steel sensor.
  • Low fuel lamp and cut off. Safety valve.
  • Detergent built-in tank for indirect suction.
  • Glicerine pressure gauge.
  • Auxiliary motor for burner air cooling and mechanical two ways fuel pump.
  • Hose-reel (Optional)


Operating pressure / max 150 bar - 2175 psi bar
Delivery rate 900 l/h - 3.96 GPM l/h
Absorbed power / Voltage 5500W - 400V/50Hz 3ph
Motorpump type MPW5/ 1450 RPM